Chairman Indicates 2008-02-22

Hi dear, As a general matter relating to the use of confidential
information must comply fully with all applicable federal and state
laws. In the course of the business there maybe a intervention board,
and its independent outside advisors and auditors. To the fullest
reviewed economic theoretic research and financial analysis in
banking, to that must be on transparent and suitable reliance. All
'mutual assets' must to be sayed is relevant and applicable and
reasonable benefits of the standards of independence required under
applicable law. All independent Directors who belives on issues that
the standard meet that benefit applicable to business operations
within purchase, sale and exchange of unit trust shares in unit trust
accounts. It is agreed that whether a Director regarding securities
depositories or not, and that this proposal, together with any other
information supplied shall form the basis of any contract of pension
insurance effected thereon. The independent Director undertakes to
inform pension insurer of any material alternation to those facts
occuring before completion of the contract of the pension insurance or
renewal thereof.

Finally, CWM WORLDWIDE - Principal Assets Prognostication Ascribe
gains great strength from its strategic partnership with the Global
Pension Plan family and other organizations that offer specific
economic governance policy services. In every region, CWM WORLDWIDE -
Principal Assets Prognostication Ascribe faces a growing number of
requests for policy, technical and programme advice in support of
strengthening economic and democratic governance.


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