On 2008-02-14, john wrote:
> HPCNCS-08 Draft paper submission deadline is just few days from now
> The 2008 International Conference on High Performance Computing,
> Networking and Communication Systems (HPCNCS-08) (website: www.PromoteResearch.org
> ) will be held during July 7-10 2008 in Orlando, FL, USA. We invite
> draft paper submissions and the deadline is extended until February 19
> 2008 due to several requests from the authors.
> The conference will be held at the same time and place where several
> major events (please see below) are taking place. The website contains
> more details.
> Sincerely
> John Edward
> * International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern
> Recognition (AIPR-08)

If artificial limbs are for people who have lost their limbs;
and artificial eyes are for people who have lost their eyes...
What's artificial intelligence for?

Their are far too many people in the modern world who know
nothing about technology, yet worship it.

They are completely unable to distinguish pseudo-science put
out by the corporations and unviversities to obtain government
funding for research, from real science.

These gullible and ignorant fools actually believe that that a
bunch of geeks can create a machine that will be both sentient
and significantly more intelligent than we are (even though no
one knows what sentience or intelligence actually are -- there
are just a lot of theories about them) that will save us from

No wonder we never get anywhere!

If my computer ever showed any signs of "coming to life" (which
will never happen outside of the movies), I'd take a baseball
bat to it.

Computers are only valuable because they are dumb tools that
do exactly what they are told to do, and nothing else.

Yeh yeh. I know they can beat most humans at chess. Great.
Chess is only about 5000 orders-of-magnituce simpler than
life. Which the average moron can handle just fine.


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