Tom N wrote:
> I didn't order any other services from them.
> Yet every month they sent me a notice that demanded payment on
> my supposedly overdue account, and often I would get bills

Did you have a contract with them (even if it was month to month)?
Just because you pay ahead on a month to month basis, you can't always
cancel by simply not paying anymore (like you might do, with, say
a magazine subscription). If you have an actual month to month contract
with them, you may have to give notice (often written notice given in
advance). Until the service is actually canceled, they can continue to
bill you and even legally send bill collectors after your debt.

If you followed the cancellation policy, and this is happening, then
report them to the better business bureau.

> from them for services I didn't order, telling me they were
> going to append the charges to my telephone bill!

There would be no excuse for them to do that, of course.

- Kurt