I just thought I'd post the latest results of my attempts to get a
dual-head system running and, hopefully, get some pointers as to where
I could go from here.

I compiled and installed the latest kernel, 2.6.23, ran 'Xorg
-configure' then, as root, 'Xorg -config /root/xorg.conf.new'. Slight
improvement: Screen 0 comes up. Screen 1 shows only an inactive
cursor at the top left. Good news is that the system doesn't
lock. Bad news, using the same config as a normal user locks the
systemi as before.

I then compiled kernel 2.6.18 with the default options, as supplied
with Slackware 11.0, which I had been using without any problems.
Results *exactly* as above.

I think maybe the issues here go beyond the kernel to changes in the
system libraries.

Anyway, just for completeness, I think I'll try the latest in the 2.4
series and if that fails, revert to 11.0. Having got used to a
dual-head system, I'm finding it more and more irritating working on a
single monitor.

Any further ideas gratefully received.



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-- Steve Linford in NAN-AE. September 2006