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> On Nov 20, 3:50 pm, Tom N wrote:
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> I got in the habit of having open terminals/shells on the Amiga.
> There are anywhere up to three or four terminals up at any
> given time.
> I rewrote /sbin/ppp-go to include a phone number selection menu.
> The dialer script is invoked from an admin menu that is brought
> up by su -c in a user shell. IF you break out of the admin menu,
> you end up in a user, not root shell.
> Why that one line in modeprobe.conf enables kppp to work, I have
> no clue.

I've been looking into it. I think it just gives that alias to
a different module, in this case the one you need.

> There seems to be some major differences between 10.2 and 12.0

Could be.

> I will download your scripts and take a look at them, thanks.


> If you would like to look at my admin menu and scripts, let me know.

If they are just shell scripts, I'd love to. I run Slack from xterms
(no KDE or anything like that -- just ratpoison)

> At least I can access the Internet. Now I need to setup sound,

Just did that myself. See the recent thread. Install alsa and the
libs and run alsaconf, for starters.

> printer,
> & etc;.
> "Damncomputer" is one word!!!


Take 'er easy,