FAQ Mod Quotes -- (updated: Sweetmorn, the 67th day of Bureaucracy in
the YOLD 3171)

Sample Mod Quote:


No one goes around here bragging about their accomplishments except Al
C. Wonder why that is? Hmm.... could it be because Al C. desperately
wants to be part of the hip "new" 1337 $1@c|<\/\/\@r3 culture but just
doesn't understand that bragging about one's accomplishments to
hackers doesn't impress them, particularly when such accomplishments
are entirely uninteresting to hackers?
From: +Alan Hicks+


Every so often you will see a post letting people know that an
updated Best of alt.os.linux.slackware Fortune Mod is available
for download. The url is:

This fortune mod is a collection of quotes either seen on AOLS
or by AOLS regulars that were deemed so wise, funny, inflammatory
or any combination of those that they were submitted for inclusion.

Please take the time to follow the guidelines at the URL above
and see to it that there will be a next release, as others have
done to make the past releases possible.