I posted a while back I was trying to get this app going and had a
problem with the needed libs and binaries it uses.

Thanx to some good help I'm well on my way now. Found all I needed.

Unfortunately I'm a newbie at DVD Authoring on any platform. I can
plod through the process in windoze (I know - Uggh) but realized I
needed more help as this is not simple, lots of factors involved.

Anywho, I also found a great help page on QDVDAuthor at...


And with it's help I've moved from the just getting the damn app set up
to actually working on my first project. I dunno how it will come out
and I'm sure it will take at least 4-5 attempts before I am successful,
but the good news is this looks like it's gonna be a winner, a great
app, a tool that has been missing from Linux (according to the article
the basic tools have been there but the ease of using a GUI has been

It's BETA software but it sure is looking good. I like the interface and
it's easier to use than the expensive windoze apps. Also the starting
menu design is the best I've seen out of several authoring apps. You can
really add your own personal touch there.

It may not work today for me (as in getting the DVD burnwed and
working) but unless the project is abandoned I'm sure it will be fine in
a few months. I remember when K3B was BETA too :-)

If anyone else is working with this perhaps we can compare notes
somewhere along the line.

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