FRZ wrote:

> I had a similar question. I just split this hard drive and created a new
> ext2 partition on it with Qparted, one with the system installed on it
> and other I wanted to use for data. Now I don't remember if I formatted
> it or not but, I don't see the new partition anywhere in the system to
> mounted. Could the it be because I didn't format it or I just don't know
> where to find it? Thanks

Step 1 Partition
Step 2 Format
Step 3 Mount

You seem to have done steps 1 & 2 but not step 3
for step 3 you need
*) the partition to mount
*) a mount point (this is a directory on your filesystem like /mnt/here/
this has to have no files in it because if it does then you won't be able
to access them after you mount the partition. Though you can unmount and
see them again.
*) something to mount the partition with, first use mount and then when you
are convinced everything is ok you should add your mount into
the /etc/fstab file so it gets mounted everytime the system starts

so say if I have a partition hdb1 that is newly formatted and I want to
mount it on /mnt/qemu/ I issue the following command as root
cd /mnt
mkdir qemu
mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/qemu

I can then alter the fstab entries to include a line that mounts at boot

/dev/hdb1 /mnt/qemu ext3 defaults 0 0

Note that is for a ext3 system that is mounted at boot. For other options
please read the manpages for mount and fstab

Richard James