Dan C wrote:
>On Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:32:53 +0000, anon wrote:
>> And yet you send out your little complaints to isps about postings
>> that are made to alt.os.linux.slackware, don't you sweetie?

>Ahhhh.... this now makes some sense... Did poor little Roger get his
>access removed by his ISP for continued complaints? This would explain
>your recent postings as "anon" and other nicknames, and from different
>LOL! "rm" got the boot from his ISP... hehehehehe

This is the psychology of the bully. First, he impersonates
Mr. Macon, fakes being an employer who supposedly fired him,
and accuses him of crimes that he didn't commit, all based on
the "crime" of advising someone not to reply to flamers and

Then, when multiple people complain to his ISP, that becomes
the new excuse for further stalking and net abuse.

Want to really annoy him? Want to make make him so angry that
he pulls his hair out? The following is based on his stated
goal of making it so that a search on Mr. Macon's name turns
up only Roger's forgeries:

[1] Respond to threads with complimentary references to
"Guy Macon" in the subject line. Google puts threads with
many responses that have differents paths higher. Don't
overdo it though; Google sees threads with many responses
that have similar paths as being spam and doesn't list them
at all.

[2] Don't hit the reply button when he posts his attempts
to stalk Mr. Macon. If you flame him over such posts,
change the subject line.

[3] Keep sending in those complaints when he impersonates
another user, floods a group wth two many posts, or changes
his "From:" line again and again. Use the abuse address in
his headers, keep the complaint at one line, short and
descriptive of the abuse with no flaming, and then cut and
paste the entire post including full headers starting on line