In comp.os.linux.advocacy Martha Adams says:

>A few weeks ago there was some talk about moderators.
>Moderators could be a problem. However, this illustrates that
>we've *already got* a problem here. The English language
>offers a rich collection of terms for people who do things
>like the example provided here; but this exceeds all of them.
>Usenet *used to be* a place for able but fringey thinkers to
>post and communicate.

And then there are thin-skinned people like Mr. Guy Macon, who
launch campaigns against other posters by using sock-puppets and
multiple accounts to send emails of complaint to the service
providers of other users over some imagined slight or other. Mr.
Macon has many enemies and he has been doing this sort of thing for

Recently the following posting was made which is an obvious satire
and as such, is quite legal. And yet Mr. Macon not only claims to
know who posted it, he is persuing all news servers to have the
satire removed and the poster's accounts rescinded.

Here is the "offending" satire. See what you think. Perhaps folks
can give us an opinion as to whether this satire is offensive?
Public debate is welcome.

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