Thursday 30 October 2008
Loads of POKEs this month - keep up the good work, folks!

* New face "La Sole" sent in POKEs for 19 Part 1: Boot Camp, 3 Deep
Space, 3DC, 3D-Tanx, 4x4 Off-Road Racing, 911 TS, Abyss, Academy,
Defence, 3D, Maze of Gold, 3D, Monster Chase, 3D, Painter, 3D, Star
Wars, 3D and Vortex, 3D.

* Last month's new face Nyuzga sent in POKEs for Android One, Arkos,
Bombfusion, Bumpy, Deviants, Hypa Raid, Hyperblaster, Impossible
Mission, Jet-Story, Mountie Mick's Death Ride, Ninja Commando, Uridium
Plus and Victory Road.

* Mike_Myers sent in POKEs for Arcadia, Chip's Challenge, Saimazoom and
Starquake; and tips for Alchemist.

* Gandulf sent in POKEs for iLogical. Thanks also to Juan Pablo
López-Grao for letting me know about these as well.

* An anonymous person sent in POKEs for Babaliba and Saimazoom. I'm
unsure if it was an of the above folk, but thank you whoever it was!!

* Endi sent in his map for Dizzy Lord.

* Simon Brattel posted a previously undiscovered cheat for Forbidden
Planet on the WoS forums. Thanks to the almost-anonymous Stu for
letting me know about this.

* I've added a complete solution for Quest For The Golden Eggcup
written by Vaxalon, which was hidden away in the instructions text file
on WoS.

* Added maps for Artura , Atrog , Dead or Alive , Deep, The , Diox ,
Doctum , Down to Earth , Duck Out! , Egghead 5: Egghead Round the Med ,
Glub ,
Gremlins 2: La Nueva Generacion , Havoc , Jet Set Willy: Willy's
Afterlife , Kraj ,
Manollo: El Cavernicola , Meltdown , Mision Subterranea ,
Outcast , Rockfall , Shanghai Karate , Shanghai Warriors ,
Sorcery , Spi-Droid , Turmoil , U.N. Squadron and Valhalla.

* I've not been able to add the RZX Archive links for this month, as I
just noticed tonight that the batch processor I use died on me.
Hopefully I'll get it
back up and running shortly. Tch, eh?