Pyskool is edging closer to playability! Version 0.0.4 has just been
released. Head over to the relevant blog post at

or straight to the downloads page at

to get your copy. Should run on any OS for which Python and Pygame are
available, which includes Linux, Windows and OS X.

As the regulars will know and be sick of hearing by now, Pyskool is
(or will be some day) a reimplementation of those classic Microsphere
games, Skool Daze and Back to Skool, with an emphasis on easy
moddability/customisability/hackability by editing a configuration
file. The accompanying documentation describes several example
customisations (as well as how to get Pyskool up and running).

In this latest version, Eric can write on blackboards, and in Skool
Daze mode he can complete the flash-shields/open-safe/unflash-shields
triathlon by judicious use of jumps, catapult pellets and chalk. And
for the would-like-to-customise-but-can't-be-arsed crowd, Pyskool now
ships with an example custom ini file in the examples directory:
sd_take_too.ini. Try it out today and see if you recognise the
new(ish) teacher.