Tuesday 30 September 2008
Another update in time - hurrah!

* Mike_Myers sent in even more POKEs for Babaliba as well as for Alien
8, Cookie, Gunfright, Nightshade, Psycho Pigs U.X.B. and Sheer Panic.

* Malorie Jempson sent in some previously undiscovered tips for Dizzy.

* A new POKEr on the horizon - Nyuzga sent in POKEs for Cannibals and
Psycho City.

* Shaun Bebbington sent in tips for splATTR.

* CASA has been updated, so we now have new tips/solutions for Escape
from the Shire, Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, The, Murder at
Hamilton Halls, Murder Hunt and Quest for the Holy Grant Cheque, The all
by Terri Sheehan and for Firelance by Terri and Alastair.

* Added RZX Archive links for Anarchy , Artura, Cannibals , Corsarios ,
Dead or Alive , Duck Out! , Gremlins 2: La Nueva Generacion , Havoc ,
Jet Set Willy: Strangel , LA Drugs Bust , Moving Target ,
Popeye 3 , Psycho City , Pugly Ugly - The Journey Longest, La ,
R.A.M. , Rallybug , Shanghai Warriors , Sorcery and Wolfan.

* Added maps for Aliens US Version , Gift from the Gods, Jet Set Willy:
The Deadly Mission , Pugly Ugly - The Journey Longest, La ,
Untouchables, The , Vera and Viaje al Centro de la Tierra: Version