On Sep 5, 12:27*pm, korax1...@gmail.com wrote:
> I've been struggling with Three Wireless Broadband on my laptop
> machine for seven months; is it the service that's crap, or the
> modem? *(Or perhaps wireless modems generally? *I hope not, as
> wireless broadband is really the only type which makes sense on a
> laptop.)

I'm using that modem on Vodafone. It used to be great until the
dropped the price and everyone got one. Now it's noticeably slower at
peak times. The modem is quite sensitive. Moving just a few yards away
can mean the difference between a 3G and a 2.5G signal. Also the OS
makes a difference. It's designed for Windows XP, but I find it's most
reliable under Xandros. It flakes out quite frequently under MacOS.