Wednesday 27 August 2008
Some major non-Speccy news at the start of this update!

* Said Major Non-Speccy news: The SpecChum formerly known as Jo Doran
and I got married on the 2nd August. Hurrah! I'm finally a respectable
married man. Well, a married man (Well, married. Ed)

* Mike_Myers sent in additional POKEs for Abu Simbel Profanation and
POKEs/tips for Babaliba. The Babaliba POKEs are for the Spanish
version, but hopefully I'll get a few minutes to convert them for the
English re-release. He also sent in new POKEs for Bomb Jack II,
Cauldron and Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, The.

* Steve McGarry replied to an old plea for HAYLP for Hobbit, The.

* Rob Livsey sent in tips for Football Manager.

* Philip Kendall sent in a cheat for Operation Wolf he found buried in
an instructions file on WoS.

* John Fotou sent in some POKEs for Rick Dangerous.

* Added maps for Carlos Michelis 3 , Evaristo El Punky , Freddy Kruger
Live , Funky Punky , G.I. Hero , Lode Runner , Official Father
Christmas Game, The , Paco Jones , Ten-Pin Challenge , Toilet Truble ,
Ultracop and Wriggler.

* Added RZX Archive links for 3-D Noughts and Crosses , American 3D
Pool , Ball Breaker II , BMX Ninja , Boovie 2 , Bubble Trouble ,
Chernobil , Crashout , Duel, The: Test Drive II , Funky Punky , Light
Corridor, The , Mac Man , Mines , Mugsy , One for the Road , Pop Stars
, Repton , Rockfall , Room Ten , Smashout!! , Ten-Pin Challenge and
Toilet Truble.