Thursday 31 July 2008
Another 2 updates in the one month - I'm too good to you all (ahem. Ed)

* Mark Cantrell sent me a copy of the maps he sent out with the
pre-Zenobi releases of
Gods of War, The and Jester Quest.

* Jacob Gunness provided 2 maps from CASA for House of Horrors and Lone

* GoodBoy sent in cheats for Big Nose's American Adventure, Golden Axe,
Mystical and Tarzan Goes Ape.

* Mike_Myers sent in POKEs for Batman and BeTiled!.

* Pavero sent in POKEs for Phantomasa. He also let me know that Viktor
Drozd's POKEs for Batman - The Puaj Edition
work for all games created with 3D Game Maker. He also very helpfully
listed them all, so I have added entries for
3D Game Maker, Angel, Archaic, Bully Embassy, Carlos Michelis 3,
Crusader, Dark Castle,
Day in the Life of Arnold, A, Detornator, Evaristo El Punky, Freddy
Kruger Live, Fu Manchu,
Gateway to Hell, Halls of Doom, The, Just One of Those Days, Last
Mohican, Manollo: El Cavernicola,
Mars Red, Mundo de Mister Emulator, El, New World, Psycho Monsters, Que
Locura y yo Sin Armadura,
Retorno de la Primera Dinastia, El, Ronder III, Seti 1, Spirit of
Ninja, The, Stars, Stripes, Mr. Bush,
Stroll in the Bleak Forest, A, Submariner, Ultimate Warrior and Z80
Attack - all credited to Viktor.

* Added maps for Archaic , Ares , Batman - The Puaj Edition , Bloody
Paws ,
Bloody , Bully Embassy , Crusader , Dark Castle ,
Day in the Life of Arnold, A , Fireman Sam , Gnoni , Just One of Those
Days ,
Master, The , Pac-Land ,
Phantomasa in the Land of the Grunge Wizards , Phantomasa ,
Poder Oscuro, El , Rio Blanco , SAS: Operation Thunderflash!! and
Stroll in the Bleak Forest, A.

* Added RZX Archive links for Astroball , Bedlam , Blockbusters ,
Block-Dizzy ,
Exploding Wall , Kendo Warrior , Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death ,
Master, The , Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging , Oh Mummy ,
Pulsoids , Running Man, The , Soviet , Super Space Invaders ,
Titanic Blinky , Trader Trilogy, The and Who Said That?.