InkSpector 1.0 is now available from http://www.inkland.org.uk

(Changes from v0.93 at the bottom of this msg)

InkSpector is a scriptable Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator screensaver
for Windows. It emulates and displays virtual Spectrums in a 3D world.
Each virtual Spectrum appears as a TV with its display appearing on
the screen. Scripts create and control these TVs in the 3D world.

Or you can just have it randomly selecting RZX files to play from your
snapshot folder :-)

Spectrum 48K emulation
Spectrum 128k emulation
Scripting, using Lua 5.1 (http://www.lua.org) so you can make the
Spectrums dance how you want. InkSpector is supplied with several
.sna, .z80 (all versions) and .szx snapshot file support
.scr (screen dump) file loading support
.rzx replay file support
.rom Interface 2 ROM support
.zip file support - scripts and their required snapshots may be
bundled up in a single zip file.
Screensaver control panel preview
Screensaver control panel configuration
Playlists to control which scripts are played.
SmartPlay ensures that all snapshots in your archive file are
randomly selected without repetition, even if InkSpector is

Notable changes since 0.93:

SmartPlay has been rewritten so that it no longer resets itself if
files are added, removed or renamed from the archive.

The Spectrum's beeper and the 128k's AY chip are now emulated.
The Carousel script has been updated to fade the Spectrums in and out
(four Spectrums playing at once was not a nice sound!)

Added Fuller box audio emulation.

Added .szx snapshot support

Added .scr snapshot support. After loading such a snapshot, the Speccy
is paused to allow the screen to be shown undisturbed.

Added Interface 2 .rom file support.

Numerous optimisations.