On Jun 29, 2:04*pm, Lee Prince
> OwenBot wrote innews:e07483ac-1fa2-4111-ad55-39fdaca71fd6@m44g2000hsc.googlegroups.com:
> >> How do you make these 1-bit chiptunes - on an actual Speccy, or using
> >> some kind of tracker?

> > For the genuine 1-bit stuff I do a dry run in Garage Band on the Mac
> > to sequence the whole tune. Then I break it down into loops. Then I
> > create each of those loops in Wham! The Music Box on the Speccy. Then
> > I link the loops together with some quick and dirty code. So it's
> > effectively a Music Box/tracker hybrid.

> Wow - that's dedication for you! Must admit I'm pleasantly surprised you're
> using W!TMB on a Speccy, but I suppose anything else would seem like
> cheating

Well, Beep Dreams was something I'd wanted to do for a while as that
was the first song I ever tried to sequence when I first got W!TMB in
the '80s. I figured I could do a better job now than I did back then.
The M.U.L.E. music was done for a Speccy conversion that is underway.
Human Race is an old favourite of mine from Goldrunner on the ST and
having already done a Speccy version, I figured a GarageBand version
would be a good way to learn about GarageBand. Someone else did an
Agent X II remix so I did the Agent X one. Sabre Wulf was just for
fun. Stormbringer was because I had one free slot on myspace. I must
admit it turned out to be harder than I thought to work it out. Those
arpeggios are maddening to figure out. And the lack of a MIDI keyboard
means it still doesn't sound quite the way I want it to. I may revisit
it when I rebuild my home studio.