Sunday 27 April 2008
Lots of POKEs for this month's update - keep up the good work, folks!

* Archie Robins sent in POKEs for Turrican II.

* Carl Clayton sent in another bug report for Back To Skool.

* Darren Shacklady sent in POKEs for Barry McGuigan World Championship

* Jose Roberto sent in POKEs for Target; Renegade.

* Mike_Myers sent in POKEs for Bruce Lee, Bubbler, Commando, Dr. Doom's
Revenge, Jack The Nipper, Kokotoni Wilf and Sacred Armour of Antiriad,
The, as well as correcting a typo in the existing Cauldron POKEs. He
also sent in a map for Dr. Doom's Revenge (which I'll link to as soon
as it goes online at WOS).

* Added links to the RZX Archive for Ares , Bloody , Cisco Heat ,
Jackson City , Mountie Mick's Death Ride , Road Runner and Wile E.
Coyote ,SAS: Operation Thunderflash!! , Soccer Challenge , Star
Inheritance: Black Cobra and Time Cop.

* Added maps for JINJ , Killer Kong , Knight Tyme and Lords of
Midnight, The.