InkSpector 0.93 is now available from http://www.inkland.org.uk

InkSpector is a scriptable Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator screensaver
for Windows. It emulates and displays virtual Spectrums in a 3D world.
Each virtual Spectrum appears as a TV with its display appearing on
the screen. Scripts create and control these TVs in the 3D world.

Or you can just have it randomly selecting RZX files to play from your
snapshot folder.

Features currently available:
Spectrum 48K emulation
Spectrum 128k emulation
Display interference emulated as used by Vectron
Scripting, using Lua 5.1 (http://www.lua.org) so you can make the
Spectrums dance how you want, although several scripts are supplied.
See Scripts.txt for details.
.sna and .z80 (all versions) snapshot file support
.rzx replay snapshot file support
.zip file support - scripts and their required snapshots are bundled
up in a single zip file.
Screensaver control panel preview
Screensaver control panel configuration
Playlists to control which scripts are played.
SmartPlay ensures that all snapshots in your archive file are
randomly selected without repetition, even if InkSpector is