Tuesday 05 February 2008
Just a tad late with the January update (A tad? It's practically
Valentines! Ed)

* CASA has been updated again. Added solutions for Marie Celeste
Adventure (Doreen Bardon) as well as partial solutions for Jewel of
Scotland, tips for Hounds of Hell and Hounds of Hell, Jack, the
Beanstalk, Jennifer's Dolly and Journey, The (Terri Sheehan).

* Archie Robins sent in POKEs for Deep Space.

* Carlos Gandarillas sent in POKEs for Doctum.

* Manuel Ferreira Moreno provided POKEs for Viaje al Centro de la
Tierra: Version Extendida. Thanks to Juan Pablo López-Grao for sending
these on.

* Leslie.wss sent in POKEs for Wizard of Wor.

* MadMekon sent in a (partial) map for Metropolis, and tips for

* Mark Szolkowski sent in a partial solution for Stranded 2.5.

* Colin Attle (AKA Ladderman) sent in maps for Anarchy, Black Magic,
Captain Pytron, Hades Nebula, Master Blaster and Victory Road

* Skarpo sent in a solution for Realm of the Undead.

* Added maps for Arkanoid , Bard's Tale, The , Bazooka Bill ,
Cabal , Deja Vu: The Remix , Fast Food , Flunky , Heartland ,
Jet Set Basic , Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner: James Bond ,
Jet Set Willy: Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go ,
Jet Set Willy: Manic Miner , Jet Set Willy: Willy's Hoard ,
Khazzad-Dum , Krakout , Last Mission, The ,
Manic Miner: Jet Set Willy , Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game
, Moonshade , Realm of the Undead , Skuldugery , Skyway , Starbyte ,
Starfighters and Wiking.

* Added RZX Archive links for 2112 AD , Atomix II: Hexagonia , Bangers
& Mash , Blazing Thunder , Braxx Bluff , Captain Pytron , Cassette 50 ,
Drakkar , Jet Set Basic , Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner: James Bond ,
Jet Set Willy 64: Willy in the Islands of Mystery - Part 1: Exploration
Jet Set Willy: Manic Miner , Jet Set Willy: Marina: The Fire Quest ,
Jet Set Willy: ylliW teS teJ , Jonny Quest , Mambo ,
Manic Miner: Jet Set Willy , Manic Miner: reniM cinaM ,
Official Father Christmas Game, The , Outlaw , Pamela The Zombie Hunter
, Podraz 3 , Podraz 4 , Podraz 5 , Podraz 5 , Podraz 6 , Santa's
Christmas Caper , Scaramouche , Sentinel , Streaker , Turrican II and
Yogi Bear & Friends: The Greed Monster.


Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga
http://fly.to/ha3 and http://www.the-tipshop.co.uk