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Thread: Convert +2A/+3 to ntsc

  1. Convert +2A/+3 to ntsc

    it's possible?


  2. Re: Convert +2A/+3 to ntsc

    Yes, changing or tweaking the TV modulator

  3. Re: Convert +2A/+3 to ntsc

    On Jan 30, 4:43 pm, faz wrote:
    > it's possible?
    > regards

    Hi. There are several options:

    1-Get a PAL tv tuner card for your PC and use Dscaler to display the
    captured image in full-screen. This option is cheap and doesn't
    require you to do any modification to the Spectrum. But the capture
    card has to have PAL antenna RF input, not just RCA. I bought one for
    20 bucks on eBay.


    2-Eliminate the RF output and convert it to a composite video (RCA)
    output. There are several websites with instructions. Here's one of

    Once you have done this modification, you can buy a pal2ntsc converter
    and use it to connect your Spectrum to your NTSC tv.

    Spectrum -> RCA cable -> PAL2NTSC converter -> NTSC tv.

    Keep in mind that the converter can't be the cheap versions that you
    find on eBay. You need one that converts 50hz to 60hz too. The reason
    you need to eliminate the RF output is because the converters use
    composite in/outs.

    3-Get a multi-system tv. This might be the most expensive option, but
    it's the easiest and the one that gives the best Spectrum experience
    (in most people's opinion).

    Regarding power for your Spectrum, you have two choices:

    1-Find if Radio Shack (or any other electronic supply store) has a
    power supply that will give the same voltage and at least the minimum
    amps that the Spectrum needs. If it has more amps it won't affect the
    Spectrum. I bought a multi-voltage, multi-plug for my 48K and it
    worked great. All I had to do was to find the right plug and make sure
    the positive and negative were right. It might be difficult to find
    one that has the din-style plug though.

    2-Buy a step-up converter (110v to 220v) so that you can use the
    original power adapter.


  4. Re: Convert +2A/+3 to ntsc

    On Jan 30, 4:43 pm, faz wrote:
    > it's possible?
    > regards

    Just wanted to add that the problem can't be solved just by replacing
    the modulator with a 'NTSC modulator'. It doesn't work that way.

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