Friday 28 December 2007
A belated Merry Xmas, folks. This update has loads of maps, and two
complete solutions for the same game!

* The kind-of-anonymous Stu transcribed a type-in hack for Hysteria.

* Fuzzix sent in tips for Great Escape, The.

* James Weatherley sent in a PDF containing a map and solution for On

* Speaking of On Reflection, Lee Tonks also sent in his own complete
solution (it's his game, after all!).

* Woody sent in POKEs for Pamela The Zombie Hunter. Thanks to Martijn
van der Heide for passing them on.

* Ladderman (AKA Colin Attle) sent in his maps for Championship Jet Ski
Simulator, City Slicker, Crosswize, Dalek Attack, Gyroscope II and

* Added maps for Astro 2008 , Atomix II: Hexagonia , Atomix , ATP Tour
Simulator , Buggy Boy , Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation ,
Chase H.Q. , Chevy Chase , Christmas Cracker , Combat School , Full
Throttle II , Full Throttle , Operation Thunderbolt , Overlander ,
Pandemia , Summer Santa , Thrusta and WEC Le Mans.

* Added RZX Archive links for Astro 2008 , Biff and Full Throttle II.

Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga and