well I have no TV, but I have a composite input card for my PC. I have
a Sky box, and also a Spectrum 48k computer which I have adapted for
composite output after some very helpful advice here

There is only one composite input on the input card, and an SVideo
input. Currently the Sky box is connected to it via a Scart to
Composite lead (works reasonably well). When I want to indulge my
nostalgia and use the Spectrum, I have to delve about amongst the
nightmare of wires behind my computer and swap the yellow cable over
(the Spectrum only outputs video not the audio so no need to swap the
Red and White).

I want a solution whereby I can keep them both connected at the same

I tried a simple 2 into 1 phono adapter. This sort of works one way -
if I leave the Spectrum switched off Sky displays fine. It doesn't
work the other way - the Sky box, even when switched off, buggers up
the Spectrum display...

I wanted a simple switchable phono adapter but such an animal doesn't
seem to exist! There are game-related 3 way adapters, but they are
much more complicated and expensive than what I think I need. There
are composite to S-Video adapters but they are complicated and

any ideas for a simple solution very gratefully received!


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