Sunday 05 August 2007
A huge July (ahem! Ed) update in the form of massive amounts of tips,
POKEs and maps - hurrah!

* A new Good Egg called Archie Robins has been in touch, providing
POKEs for
Gift From The Gods, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer, Sky
and Starglider as well as a correction to an OCR-induced typo for the
hack for
Peking. I look forward to seeing more of his work! (Subtle hint! Ed)

* Regular Good Egg Viktor Drozd sent in a truckload of POKEs for:
Adventurer, Alien, Another Brick on the Wall 2, Arachno Joe (minigame),
Battle Command, Blizzard's Rift, Brad Zotes, Bunker, Carmania,
Cashdash, Centipod, Chinese Juggler, The, Cosmic Shock Absorber,
Dead or Alive, Dizzy Lord, Double Dash, Feudal Overlord,
Frank the Flea, Friday the 13th, Galactic Mechanic, God Save The Punk,
Iron Sphere, Justin, Labyrinthion, League Challenge,
Lethargy: The Apathetic Dream, Live, Let Die, Manic Muslim,
MASK II, MASK, Mindstone, Mount Challenge, N.E.X.U.S.,
Nemesis the Warlock, Obliterator, Play Ball!, Pooyan,
Round The Bend!, Slaine, the Celtic Barbarian, Space Missile Command,
Spy Who Loved Me, The, Starfox, Sub Chase, Swat!, Toilet Truble,
Tranz Am, U.N. Squadron, Ugly Blaster, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The
and Zblast SD as well as tips for Battle Command.

* John Elliott sent in POKEs for Mailstrom.

* Mike_Myers sent in POKEs for Great Escape, The.

* CASA has been updated, so we now have extra tips for Dark Lore and
solutions for
Dark Lore, Dragon Slayer, Escape from Prison Planet and Transpo '95 (all
by Doreen Bardon); tips and solution for Great Peepingham Train
Robbery, The
(by Doreen Bardon, La Woman and Terrir Sheehan); tips and solution for
Grimalkin 128K (by Terri Sheehan); solution for Slaine, the Celtic
(by Viktor Drozd) and complete solution for Franklin's Tomb (by Walter

* More RZX Archive goodies: Adventurer , Avenger , Cannon Bubble ,
Elvin the Elf ,
International Karate , Jet Set Willy: FTB ,
Jet Set Willy: Holy ****!!! , Jet Set Willy: The Deadly Mission ,
Jet Set Willy: Willy's Holiday , Mandragore and Times Of Lore. Due to
reorganisation at The RZX Archive, the links have all been modified -
thanks to Nick for
sorting that out!

* Added maps for Adventurer , Alien , Crozet , Cyrox , Elvin the Elf ,
Flash Gordon , Gunfright , H.A.R.D. , Hammerfist ,
Hawk Storm , Jumping Jack , Kane , Mailstrom ,
Mandragore , Penetrator , rEdIvIvUs , Rescate Atlantida ,
Tales Of The Arabian Nights , Underwurlde , Wheelie and Zhak.


Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga and