>or by a third idiot
>endlessly warning of the "dangers" of aspartame (which, as most people
>with any sense know, is made of two amino acids which occur copiously
>in nearly all foods -- so if aspartame were one-tenth as "dangerous"
>as the tinfoil-hat brigade would have us believe, we'd all have died
>long since)...


AspartameŽ is a chemical toxin, and its effects are cummulative; it
can/does affect people in different ways, just like cigarettes do. You seem
like the type of person who would have killed a man for saying the world
was flat in the Middle Ages. :/

It's interesting how innoculated, unthinking people just love to use
such slogans as 'conspiracy theorist' and 'tin-foil hat wearer'; it's
as if they are trying to influence other people's minds, by use of such
'triggers' that effectively cause a bypass of the left hemisphere of
other people's brains.

You either know a lot more than you are letting on, or you're just a
domesticated 'sheep'- incapable of thinking for yourself. I'd hazzard a
guess that it's the latter- Mr. know-it-all! :/