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to MC hldswrth:

> Really I think it ought to be pretty simple - the existing ZX Spectrum
> structure should be perfectly usable for ZX81 tapes, I don't see that
> a "new" structure is required at all - maybe just a flag on each entry
> that indicates a ZX Spectrum or ZX81 release.

There's probably already a field suitable for that, as the Spectrum
data contains whether it is 48k or 128k.

> How can I "add extra fields onto the current WOS database"?

I meant you could add the fields onto the end of each record in the
CSV file, but you're right in that it probably isn't the best

> The reasons I'd like to do the WOS integration are: to get Infoseek
> support for ZX81 tapes; to allow integrated and consistent listing of
> ZX81 tapes; and allow submission for missing ZX81 content through the
> same process.

It certainly needs to be done. There is very limited integration
between the two databases at the moment - in fact it only extends as
far as the publisher links picking up Spectrum and ZX81 entries. Mind
you, there isn't much integration between the other databases that are
searched either.

It would be good to get the ZX81 entries up to the same standard as
the Spectrum ones, and the main bulk of the work is collating the
data. Hopefully you can eventually come to some agreement with
Martijn to take this on.


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