If you've only just found this newsgroup, then welcome! We hope you'll
have a fun time reminiscing with the rest of us.

If you're here to find out some information, then here are a few good
starting points:

1) http://www.sinclairfaq.com/ - The FAQ site for all things Sinclair.

Useful for technical info and for discovering a whole heap of
Sinclair websites, the largest of which is...

2) http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ - The World Of Spectrum.

An archive of almost every Spectrum program ever made, together
with emulators and much MUCH more!

3) As comprehensive as the above websites are, there'll always be gaps.
A good web search engine will come in useful:

http://www.google.com/ - Google.

4) You can also use Google Groups to search through most posts to
comp.sys.sinclair since it was set up in 1993.


5) comp.sys.sinclair has quite a few running in-jokes which you might
not understand the first time around. There's a complete(-ish) list
of them here:

http://www.sinclairfaq.com/cssfolklore/ - CSS Folklore FAQ.


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