I've just posted the books below on ebay.
The starting price is 1p, the postage is 2.
I'd rather I got 1p for them than throw them in the bin so thought I'd
mention them here.

I think "Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner." will
definitely be of interest (but be warned, the book is perfectly useable to
learn from / read but is NOT in a good condition!)

While I'm here, I put two folders full of "input" magazine on ebay a while
back but they didn't sell. If anyone wants them for the price of postage (or
wants to pick them up for free from North Hampshire) send me an email.
"input" was a series of magazines aimed at teaching programming on the main
formats way back then.

Email address is: lesley at bgproductions dot co .uk

Books on auction:
Information Handling For The ZX Spectrum by C A Street

Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner.

Super Charge Your Spectrum by David Webb.

"The Complete Spectrum" by Allan Scot.