Saturday 05 May 2007
April's update in, erm, May.. Oops!

* The mysteriously named Stu submitted corrections for Cybernoid,
Dragon's Lair,
Star Wars. He also provided new hacks for Cannon Bubble, Dark Star and
Forbidden Planet.

* Colin Attle sent in maps for 007: Spy Who Loved Me, The , Great Fire
of London, The ,
Ninja Warriors, The , Pitfall II: Lost Caverns , Riddler's Den and

* Roy Goodall sent in replacement POKEs for Wizball.

* Woody sent in POKEs for Blind Alley.

* Saso Tomat sent in a tip for Horace and the Spiders.

* Mike_Myers sent in a bug report for Back To Skool; a cheat for Tute;
POKEs for Dun Darach , Game Over and Jet Set Willy: Party Willy and
tips for Dun Darach , Horace Goes Skiing , Jet Set Willy: Party Willy
Skool Daze.

* Added RZX Archive links for 007: Living Daylights, The , Armageddon ,
Butch - Hard Guy ,
Death Wish 3 , Dimension Omega , Explorer XXXI ,
Horace Goes Skiing , Hungry Horace , Hydrofool ,
Jet Set Willy: Party Willy , Mezi Vezemi , Mined-Out ,
Rebelstar , Slaine, the Celtic Barbarian , Sword Slayer and

* Added new maps for Android 1: The Reactor Run , Horace and the
Spiders ,
Horace Goes Skiing , Hungry Horace , Iron Sphere ,
Mezi Vezemi , Obliterator , Ramparts , Sleep Walker ,
T.L.L. and Tranz Am.


Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga and