On 17/4/07 02:25, Paul E Collins wrote:
> I bought a big box of "Jonathan Crisp" crisps, which are an apparently
> recent brand and claim to be "crisps for snobs" (with an amusing posh
> caricature for each flavour). The texture is basically that of Kettle
> Chips, i.e. thickish and dark with a dulled crunch, and likewise
> they're flavoured with the genuine ingredients rather than anything
> too artificial.
> To pick a few flavours from the bunch: "Lightly salted" appear to be
> heavily salted instead and remind me of the late lamented Golden
> Wonder. On the contrary, "sea salt and malt vinegar" don't seem to
> have much salt at all and taste like plain vinegar crisps would.
> "Jalapeno pepper" works well as a slow burner. "Horseradish and sour
> cream" are so-so. "Black pepper and ginger"... blech... didn't do it
> for me. I could never stand those "salt and pepper" crisps either, so
> it might be something about the pepper.

Now I do love the horseradish flavour, but you're right about the
overness of the price.

Graham Lee