A new version of Fuse for Mac OS X has been released at the dedicated
sourceforge project:

Major changes since last official release (more details in the
help pages):
* Fuse is now a Universal Binary.
* Much improved screen rendering code
* Loader improvements: automatically run at full speed while a loader is
in progress and automatically start/stop the tape when the start/end of
a loader is detected.
* RZX 'rollback' support.
* DivIDE support.
* TS2068 support.
* Interface I and microdrive emulation.
* Kempston mouse emulation.
* TZX generalized data block (0x19) support.
* Add a simple code profiler.
* New PALTV 1-3x and TV3x graphics scalers.
* Spotlight importer for emulator files (TZX, SZX etc.).
* Save thumbnail icon images with snapshots and screenshots.

Changes since prerelease 0.8.0-pre2 beta:
* Merge in changes from upstream Fuse-0.8.0 and libspectrum-0.3.0
* Fix marking Dock and EXROM banks as writable in the SE
* When stopping RZX playback due to overrun, ensure the change is
picked up in z80_do_opcodes()
* Don't prompt for joystick config changes when loading a snap during
RZX playback
* Don't buffer printer output so text is available as it is printed
* Don't allow use of recording rollback commands during playback
* Make libspectrum_rzx_playback_frame able to return a snap
(necessary for supporting RZXs made with SPIN's "RZX Pause" feature)
* Do allocate memory if we have no data but some padding in
* Initialise snap->beta_paged (fixes Action Farce II RZX playback;
see bug #1654105)
* Merge in changes from Fuse to reset rzx_instructions_offset on
rollback to fix replay of recordings made with RZX rollback
* Update libbz2 to version 1.0.4