Thursday 29 March 2007
Things are busy at home, but I've managed to get this update done in
time - hurrah!

* Andy Spencer sent in a cheat for Mined Out.. Actually, he sent this
in last month,
but I forgot to credit him on the updates page - sorry, Andy!!

* Matthew Pimm let me know that Crash misprinted two sets of tips for
saying they were originally for Rebelstar Raiders and Legions of Death.

* The mysteriously named Stu sent in corrections for the Elite POKEs
and type-in hacks
from YS Smash Tips, as well as POKEs for Giant's Revenge, Teenage
Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op,
Tomahawk and TT Racer.

* Colin Attle (AKA Ladderman) sent in his maps for Ano Gaia, Bosconian
'87, Colony, Dark Fusion, Pro Power Boat Simulator, Pulse Warrior,
Robozone, Rocman and Steel Eagle.

* Added some tips for Agent-X by Chubby Brown. Thanks to Martijn van
der Heide
for forwarding this on.

* Marco A.G.Pinto sent in a POKE for Chuckie Egg.

* Added maps for Brian Bloodaxe , Defender of the Crown , Goody , Grey
Island ,
Lords of Midnight, The , Lunar Jetman , Match Point ,
Mrs Mopp , Simulador Profesional de Tenis and Ugly Blaster.

* Added RZX Archive links for 48 Irons , Arkos , Captain Blood , Goody
Granny's Garden , Henrietta's Book of Spells ,
Hooray for Henrietta , Inside Outing ,
Jet Set Willy: Goodnite Luddite , Jungle Warfare , Pitman Seven ,
Shadowfire , Speedboat Assassin , Sweevo's Whirled ,
Sweevo's World , Tau Ceti - The Special Edition ,
Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx and Zhak.


Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga and