Hello, All!

The new version of Speccy, my Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, can be
found here:


Speccy is a free program, with Windows and MSDOS binaries available
from the above site.

Speccy 1.2 adds the BetaDisk/TR-DOS emulation with support
for .FDI, .TRD, and .SCL disk images. It will load and save disk
images in any of the above formats, as far as the format limitations
allow. I have also fixed quite a few bugs in the Z80 emulation and the
Spectrum hardware. Here is a full list of changes, fixes, and

* Changed the way Z80 NMI interrupt works to comply with the standard.
* Changed Z80 HALT instruction to always terminate on an IRQ request,
even when interrupts are disabled.
* Fixed several bugs in the ExecZ80() function (thanks go to Martin
* Added working WD1793 emulation (TR-DOS now works).
* WD1793 I/O ports are only enabled when the TR-DOS ROM is paged in.
* Kempston and other I/O ports interfering with WD1793 are now
when the TR-DOS ROM is paged in.
* In Scorpion mode, setting upper kempston port bits to ones.
* Fixed DISCiPLE/+D trapdoor mechanism.
* Added support for .TRD, .SCL, .FDI, and .$ (Hobeta) disk images.
* Added builtin menu options to save .TRD, .SCL, and .FDI disk images.
* Split "Input Devices" menu from the "Peripherals" menu.
* Now resetting Spectrum when a trapdoor addon like Multiface or
TR-DOS has been enabled or disabled.
* Now trying to load ZXS128TR.ROM BIOS file when both 128kB and TR-DOS
options are enabled.
* With TR-DOS enabled, Speccy will now automatically start in TR-DOS
* Added more debugging message options (-verbose).
* Added error messages to Speccy-Windows.

Have fun!
Marat Fayzullin