I've just updated ResiDOS to v1.92, and the +3e ROMs to v1.30.

Full details can be found at:

The improvements to ResiDOS include:

* %SNAPLOAD command now loads snapshots in standard .Z80 and .SNA

* Both 128K and 48K snapshots can be loaded

* The Task Manager now saves snapshots in standard .Z80 (v1.45) format
[Note that 128K snapshots are not yet produced]

* A utility, ResiSnap, is provided to convert your old non-standard
ResiDOS snapshots into .Z80 format

* Hard disks/compactflash cards can now be formatted in such a way to
allow sharing of a disk between ResiDOS and other filesystems (such as
FAT). Native filesystem support for FAT is not yet available, but under

* Improved speed of hard disk/compactflash reads

In addition, there are a few bugfixes in common to ResiDOS and +3e.

Finally, support has been added for the MMC protocol, which means that
interfaces for SD (Secure Digital) and MMC cards can now be used. The
first such interfaces to be supported are:

* ZX-MMC: an internal SD/MMC interface which plugs into the Spectrum's
Z80 socket. This is supported by the +3e. Details at:

* ZX-Badaloc: a forthcoming Spectrum clone running at between 3.5MHz
and 21MHz, with 512K ROM, 512K RAM, two SD/MMC slots and many other
interfaces. This is supported by both the +3e and ResiDOS. Details at: