Wayne Marsh wrote:

> What exactly do you think high end means? PAL is in no way an amazing
> improvement on NTSC. Christ, I'm not going to argue with YOU about
> this, though - I can remember how insane and broken you were about
> analogue/digital signal comparisons.

What exactly should I measure out, with a digital video? As I have
mentioned 100 times before, even my mid-class DVD can not satisfy as
much, as a high-end tape (analogue) from a TV-Station can satisfy.

Digital High-End Tapes are O.K., but the synchronity is totally lost
with a digital broadcast. Better Digital in Studio and the rest Analog

> As a side note, PAL is often jokingly expanded to "pale and lurid" in
> response to NTSC's "never twice same colour".

You mean the ~1970 recordings???

Yes, they had colour pumping....

Today this is all digital controlled

(You have never seen a big Plasma receipting with an indoor-aerial?
then you have missed something... yes, the antenna [indoor-aerial]
needs no power [PAL+])

Best Regards,

Danile Mandic