Hi all,

I have created a shell script which loads the data into the oracle table and e-mails the user groups if the data loaded successfully or not.
Now i want to make some enhancements to the scripts.
The list of enhancements are as follows:
1) The duplicate records exist in file ven_clm_data_.TXT (the shell script should read the input file and let the user know that there are some duplicate records in the file)
2) The total number of records in the file is 75 (The shell script should count the number of records in the file and e-mail it to the users)
3) The duplicate count within the incoming file is 0. (If there are no duplicate records, then it should send to the user along with the e-mail)
4) The duplicate count from records that already exist in the VEN_CLM table is 75.
5) The total number of records loaded into the VEN_CLM table is 0.

Please help me out with this...