I have 2 sister systems SGI 3800 (a &b), both are connected to their own JBOD. System B had a system disk failure. I copied system a's system disk using cp -b 64k dksc(0,1,10)dksc(0,2,10) and updated the relevant computer name and ip information, it now seems I am having conflicts.
System a (the copy) is giving the following notification on start up "mount: /dev/xlv/xlv0 on usr/test/u0 no such file or directory".

From running cmd xlv_mgr show -verbose all I get the below results:
xlv_mgr> show -verbose all
VOL xlv2 (complete) (node=to01smfsgi-v)
VE xlv2.data.0.0 b4c1f664-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3 [active] time: Wed Oct 22 03:42:29 2003
start=0, end=215049215, (stripe)grp_size=3, stripe_unit_size=256
/dev/dsk/dks3d6s7 (71683276 blks) b4c1f665-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3
/dev/dsk/dks3d7s7 (71683276 blks) b4c1f666-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3
/dev/dsk/dks3d19s7 (71683276 blks) b4c1f667-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3

VOL xlv0 (missing unique piece) (node=to01smfsgi-v)
VE xlv0.data.0.0 b4c1f657-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3 [incomplete] time: Wed Jul 28 16:32:16 2010
start=0, end=57343999, (stripe)grp_size=2, stripe_unit_size=256
/dev/dsk/dks3d4s0 (28672000 blks) b4c1f659-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3

VOL xlv1 (complete) (node=to01smfsgi-v)
VE xlv1.data.0.0 b4c1f65d-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3 [active] time: Wed Oct 22 03:42:29 2003
start=0, end=107519999, (stripe)grp_size=3, stripe_unit_size=256
/dev/dsk/dks3d4s7 (35840000 blks) b4c1f65e-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3
/dev/dsk/dks3d5s0 (35840000 blks) b4c1f65f-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3
/dev/dsk/dks3d5s7 (35840000 blks) b4c1f660-9838-1027-8504-08006913e8c3

VOL xlv9 (missing unique piece) (node=to01sfmsgi-v)
VE xlv9.data.0.0 5000d2a1-94fb-1027-82f5-08006913e8c2 [incomplete] time: Wed Jul 28 16:31:18 2010
start=0, end=57343999, (stripe)grp_size=2, stripe_unit_size=256
/dev/dsk/dks0d1s7 (28672000 blks) 5000d2a2-94fb-1027-82f5-08006913e8c2

Vol: 4; Standalone Plex: 0; Standalone Ve: 0

There are two entries for xlv0 (both together would be a complete entry) with the message "missing unique piece". Thus the logical volume is not loading and I am unable to mount the directory.

How do I go about forcing a re-write of this logical volume information or updating the xlv0 so as it is mounted to /dev/slv/xlv0 and thus able to be mounted using mount.