I am trying to resolve a problem in a script which is being used by an
IRIX 6.5 user. I gather that by default the IRIX root account uses tcsh,
but the script starts with '#! /bin/sh', and 'sh' is the Korn shell.

The problem is that the script uses 'set -x' for tracing at one point.
This works fine in the main script, but it seems that the tracing does
not carry through to functions coded in the script. Simple example:

today_is() {

set -x
echo Starting...
echo ending.

The 'set -x' will cause the 'echo' statements and the 'today_is' function
name to be echoed, but the 'date' command in the function is not. I don't
want to have to use 'set -x' in every function because the script is
large and has many defined functions.

This use of 'set -x' works fine under Linux, Solaris (using ksh), AIX,
and *BSD. IRIX is the only O/S that has caused a problem (so far).

Anyone, know how I can get IRIX to use tracing within functions without
having to 'set -x' in each of them?