Please help me !!!!
I bought a used fibre channel array badged Fujitsu Siemens with 10 x
18GB disk modules and 1 SP (part nr 005-044993), i think it's kind of
clariion fc5300 iDAE. I try to connect it to XIO FC HBA in Octane via
proper cable, but have no success. I see 2 LED on HBA switched on (HBA
initialized + loop initialized), but also 2 LED on SP of array (SP on
+ SP check). When I do in console scsiha -pr (on proper FC channel)
loop is initialized, host id 125 and there is 1 device, but i can't
see any device or disks from system. Is there a possibility that's
impossible to use array without Clariion Raid software from SGI? I've
seen such soft on supportfolio, but I have no access (I have no valid
support contract). Please Help!!!