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> Hello,
> We will be 'inheriting' an Onyx RE2 deskside IP19 with 2 R4400
> processors, currently it not used, and not connected to power, I was
> told that it ran off of a regular 110V outlet with some UPS and some
> sort of power line filter (???, I have no clue, no background in
> electrical stuff) that is long gone...along with the poeple who
> maintained it, no way to check it out.

With 2 cpu's, you should be able to run this off 110v. But it'll
need a 20amp plug most likely (like a NEMA 5-20R/P

If you have extra RM boards I think, it might need to be bumped
up to 220v.... what type of plug does it have on it now?
(note the 220v 20amp plug looks very similar to the 110v 20amp plug
as each has one prong on the plug turned sideways)
> So, my question is: what kind of UPS should one have? Strength?
> Make? Perhaps an APC with their Powerchute software? Also, how
> sensitive is the Onyx to power fluctuations, hence does it need some
> sort of power filter?

You'll want an UPS capable of handling 20amps. Power filtering
is a good thing as it keeps out spikes, under-voltages, etc, but it
typically costs more on a nicer UPS, but well worth it for critical
processing machines. But chances are, your UPS is going to cost
more than the SGI Onyx is worth. So take that into consideration.

> Also, it has to be moved up one flight of stairs it is about 200lbs,
> what can be removed from it to ease the load, node boards, power
> supply w/o hindering to put it together and reviving it?

you can take out all the CPU cards (IP19), the MC3 (memory) the IO4,
the VCAM, the graphics cards, the drives, etc very easily. The power
supply can be removed also but required the plastic back to be taken
off. It's screw(s) can be removed quickly with a phillips head.
Unless you are familiar with how the machine works, I wouldn't take
out any of the cards. Pretty much everything has to go exactly back
into the same slot as it came out of ....

It should be fun.


> Thanks guys!