(Rick Morris) wrote in message news:...
> I know this seems silly, but is there a trick to sliding out the node
> boards from the rear of the SGI 2000/2100? I consider myself to be a
> fairly strong individual and simply unscrewing each of the two
> fastener screws on each board and trying to pull got us absolutely
> nowhere. We want to install additional memory onto each board but none
> of the 4 node boards would budge.

After unscrewing the two phillips screws at each end of the board,
did you take a 7/64th hex wrench to loosen the CPOP connectors
on the board? they are right in the middle of the back of that

Don't over-torque them when you are putting them back in either.

The only reason that it wouldn't come out easily would be it's hanging
on the ESD metal gasket, but that's just usually a catch. I've also
seen the board next to the one you're removing cause the other to bind
up. Loosen the one next to it also and see if that helps. (don'r forget
to re-tighten it before power on).

> Thanks,
> -Rick