Hi all, hoping someone will have seen this problem before.

ld -o libxxx.so -soname libxxx.so -shared -all -check_registry /usr/lib64/so_locations -64 ./sgiobj64/*.o
ld64: FATAL 2 : Internal: at ../../ld/multigot.c lgot_local_got_offset() seg_ndx exceeds per_seg_lgot_table
ld64: INFO 152: Output file removed because of error.

Same problem with n32 build. Source is assembly compiled with gcc (for the preprocessor
and interoperation reasons) either 3.3 or 3.4.0, haven't tried the very latest neko (3.4.6).

This worked before, I added a module and get this error. Even pruning the module I still
get it; it turns out that the instruction that "causes" the error is

ld r2,%got_page(_aaa)

Where the size of _aaa in the .data section is immaterial. I have used this construct elsewhere
so I am confused as to why it doesn't work here.

The error suggests I an somehow overflowing the symbol table for the .data section, but I
hardly see how this is possible since the section is not large.

Any ideas? TIA,

Emery Davis
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