Homer Castle wrote:

> Hi Info-iris-graphics!!!
> Honestly are no enforced tests, classes, books, or interviews !
> Inherit a_Bachelors, Masters., MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma.
> Master the benefits and high regard_that comes with a.diploma !

Yeah, that's what I need. I need a better degree! Yeah, sure!!

I want to be a piece of **** like Richard Costley-White and Ronald Edward
Dann!! Oh joy of joys!!! Imagine how happy I'll be as a piece of ****!
I'll be able to run ****ty radio stations that no one wants to advertise
on. And i can blame the fans for being stupid... After all, that's why
businesses would refuse to advertise on my crappy station. It wouldn't
have anything to do with the fact that I can't sell **** to sewers... or
program a damn thing. All hail the mighty **** chunks!

Richard Costley-White: On behalf of losers everywhere, I salute you! I
only wish that I could be a total ****ing moron like you! It would make
me so happy to be a total business failure. I would be so filled with
pride that everything I touched was an abysmal failure.

Runs in the family, eh dude? Long line of suicide, mental illness,
inferior intellect, business failure, bad management, and crappy
operations... Oh yes, the Blackburn legacy!!!

**** You!!!!

I will not pledge allegiance to a ****ty radio station!
I will not be attracted to girls just because it is in the radio station's
best interest!
I will not back down until Blackburn Radio Incorporated is eliminated from
existence on Earth! No Compromises! No Surrender!