(Please forgive me if you have already seen this message on
comp.sys.sgi.admin. I posted this message there a few days
ago, but upon reflection I realize now that it more properly
belongs on comp.sys.sgi.misc and comp.sys.sgi.marketplace.)

I have a client, who has a client, who wants a class in Advanced IRIX
System Administration, and who does not want to use the official SGI
courseware, probably for reasons of price. Do you know of any IRIX
System Administration courseware that you can recommend? Courseware
specifically designed for instructor-led training would be preferable;
if not, a textbook could be used.

Please contact me using any one of the means indicated below, or, if
you believe the matter to be of general interest, post a followup
message to this newsgroup, which I shall be monitoring for the next
several weeks. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Jay F. Shachter
6424 N Whipple St
Chicago IL 60645-4111
jay @ m5.chi.il.us