Hello All,

I have an SGI 320 visual workstation here running windows 2000 sp4 (no coa
... I installed the win 2000 for testing purposes) I do have a NT workstation
disk with Compaq booklet and coa attached but have not loaded that. The
computer is running fine on the windows 2000 and I have connected to the
interenet using the onboard lan. The usb's both work fine and I have fitted
a sound card which is working well.

Specs as below :-

Case is in good cosmetic condition
Dual 450mhz Katmai cpu's .. the vrm is one of the later ones which
apparently will allow upgrade to dual 1ghz cpu's
Cobalt chipset motherboard
30gb seagate hard drive
PCI soundcard
256mb ram (6 slots populated and 6 slots empty)
Onboard shared graphics
24x cd rom
Floppy drive
USB Keyboard (will take a psu2 mouse plugged into keyboard)
USB mouse

If anyone is interested in making me an offer please feel free to do so.
Please note this is for pickup only.
If you require further information please e.mail me

Thanks in advance
Dave (swat thefly to reply by e.mail)