Hello, to Human Factors groups and the ergonomic community. As many of
you may know, this year, 2006, marks the third anniversary, February 2,
2003, of the passing of Harry L. Davis, Sr.

Harry Davis, a graduate of Columbia University, was the cofounder and
former manager of the Kodak Human Factors Group, which authored the
well-known two volume series "Ergonomic Design for People at Work."

Mr. Davis served as the President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics
Society and as Secretary General and President of the International
Ergonomics Association. He was a fellow of the Human Factors and
Ergonomics Society (USA) and Honorary Fellow of the Ergonomics Society
(UK). Mr. Davis was the President of Ergonomic Solutions at Work, Inc.
and My Aching Back, which catered to people with back problems.

www.ErgonomicBackStore.com was founded by Harry Davis, Jr., 2003 and
carries a large variety of back-friendly furniture and accessories. We
are expanding our web business this month and the site will be greatly
enhanced by March 30, 2006, so please keep looking for us. In addition,
we would like to invite any ergonomic consultant who wants to advertise
his or her services on our site to contact Harry Davis, Jr.at

We are also advertising for a consultant knowledgeable in the ergonomic
field to write a monthly newsletter for the business. Pay is
negotiable. Again, please contact Harry Davis. ergoback@aol.com

Thank you,


Harry L. Davis, Jr.