I do have to sell my

Octane bipro
2x 195 MHZ
1536 Mbyte main memory
MXI Graphics
FIBRE channel Controler

Card cage

Comes with permanet licenses
for Maya 1.5 complete
Plugins for Maya
Composer 5
Primate for Composer
KPT Video tools
Cosmo suite
plugins for Composer
Irix 6.5.19
9GB + 9GB and 18GB Disk
root password
keybord and mouse
external SGI CDrom
Wacom software
Live picture

plug it in and start working

Me Règine I do have multiple sclerosis
no joke at all

I do have as well an O2 with base memory
and the analog video option
6 GB disk
including webcam
for sale
with photoshop

SCSI Card for PCI slot in Cardgage

DIGI active 2 Channel ISDN controler
fits in Cardcage Octane
or PCI slot O2
Origin 2000 2 CPU lots of memory on the bord
serial board
QuadSCSI board

any offer please send to