I have an SGI Indigo2 that I have been running SETI-1 CLI with IRIX
Everything was fine, WU's completing as expected.
This morning I changed out the OS to IRIX 6.5 on another disk/sled
and loaded Seti-1 CLI

The progam runs to the point where it asks 1. New User and 2.
returning user.
I did 2. and entered my email address

I get back ERROR 0
server not found

I can ping setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu from this OS

I can see/ping/tracert all of seti locations, but I can't
get a work unit on the new install of SETI-1 on the IRIX 6.5

Plugged in the IRIX 6.2 sled and everything works as normal..

Any help would be appreciated..